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Cloud Computing – Mind your WAN connection!

The last couple of years i’ve been involved in some projects regarding Cloud Computing and had to face with performance issues at some of these clients. The situations were almost identical; – Customer switched from client-server to Cloud Computing (Citrix or something similar) – Existing internet configuration is used and/or extended – All application- and ...


Cisco IOS – Enabling netflow

I’ve  been using Netflow to monitor network traffic since beginning of this year and still i’m a big fan. Netflow allowes you to really dig in the actual network traffic that is generated by servers (or services) and let’s you investigate traffic that should be blocked. Configuring a Cisco to export netflow statistics to a ...


Take control of your network traffic with Nfsen/nfdump

In my search for a good netflow collector i came across nfsen as a graphical interface and decided to give it a try. Nfsen gives you the ability to use custom filters to select internet traffic, protocols and such. To use nfsen you need rrdtool, php5 and apache2 installed on your system, i used Debian ...