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Take control of your network traffic with Nfsen/nfdump

In my search for a good netflow collector i came across nfsen as a graphical interface and decided to give it a try. Nfsen gives you the ability to use custom filters to select internet traffic, protocols and such. To use nfsen you need rrdtool, php5 and apache2 installed on your system, i used Debian ...


Zabbix – Monitoring Windows Server 2008

Download zabbix agent file from and extract the file. Open command prompt from Start > Run and  then type cmd then click ok Create new folder for zabbix agent mkdir c:\Program Files\zabbix Now copy zabbix_agentd.exe, zabbix_get.exe and zabbix_sender.exe from win32 (or win64 for 64-bit windows)  folder to this new directory. Now create a new configuration file for zabbix using command prompt or notepad (as you please). ...