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Flow Control – HP Procurve

I was searching for documentation about the HP Lefthand P4500 series when using Flow Control on the switch ports but i didn’t find sufficient information to make decision. We decided to test it ourselves. The HP Documentation says you need to enable flow control on all ports connected to the P4500, you can read this ...


Jumbo Frames

Every data unit on a network has to be assembled by the sender, and its headers have to be read by the network  components between the sender and the receiver. The receiver then reads the frame and TCP/IP headers before processing the data. This activity, plus the headers added to frames and packets to get ...


XenServer iScsi on HP Procurve 2810/2910

My objective is to try and eliminate performance bottlenecks on our iscsi setup. Our current situation is several Xenserver hosts running virtual machines from our iScsi storage as well as Hyper-V virtual machines on separate LUN’s. The last months we see more delay on our iScsi network. You can check the delay of iScsi traffic several ways ...