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IPv4 versus IPv6 – Linux

All of my servers are running on both ipv4 and ipv6 for a few years now, however i had never checked to see if people were actually connecting over IPv6 to our network yet. I know i do, since i am using the Tunnelbroker from More information on that can be found here. In ...


Vyatta – IPv6 tunnel

A few days ago i wrote about setting up IPv6 for home users since most providers are not ready yet for network-wide ipv6 deployment. Why providers are not ready yet, a whole other story. After writing this i started to wonder if the same would be possible on a router for business purposes. Turns out that with ...


Setup IPv6 at home

Most dutch providers are not ready for IPv6 yet so two years ago i decided to look for other ways to enable IPv6 on my home connection. I finally did this using the Tunnelbroker of The setup is fairly easy and can be done on a lot of routers. First, sign up for the ...