NFDump – Librrd issues

I’ve had a lot of issues when installing NFDump on a new Wheezy (Debian) system. I solved it after hours of pain.

The error i had:

[code]configure: error: Can not link librrd. Please specify –with-rrdpath=..

So i added the path to my lib folder and got:

[code]configure: error: C preprocessor “/lib/cpp” fails sanity check[/coe]

The solution:

[code]aptitude install librrd-dev[/code]

Now reinstall nfdump:

[code]./configure –enable-nfprofile –with-rrdpath=/usr/lib[/code]

Everything should be OK now.

[b]For SUSE users:[/b]
On Suse i had a lot more trouble fixing this since it didn’t see the and there is no librrd-dev package that does the trick. The solution here was:
[code]find /usr/ -name -print[/code]
This will show all’s on your system. Now check your perl version:
[code]perl -v[/code]
Now copy the files that are ment for your perl version to the /usr/local/lib folder.


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