XenServer – VDI not availible

When starting a VM we received the error ‘the vdi is not availible’ and the virtual machine refused to boot. Usually this error would mean a migration between physical servers went wrong or one of these servers went down unexpected. Since every host has a lock on the vm’s that are running on it you will not be able to boot it………

The solution is simple and can be done on the CLI.

Go to the CLI of one of the XenServer hosts and type:

You will se a list of disks and you need to find the one for the VM you are trying to boot. Take the UUID of this vdi and issue a vdi-forget on it:
[code]xe vdi-forget uuid=<the uuid you found>[/code]

What we did is remove the drive from the VM so it’s now free and clear of any lock. Now you have to go to XenCenter and reattach the drive for this VM and press ‘Start’ !


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